Comparing The Pros And Cons Of Custom Wordpress Development

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Amongst the websites built on a content management system, WordPress powers over 64% of it. The CMS platform offers more than 54,000 active plugins and over 11,000 WordPress themes that can be used to create a WordPress website. While making use of pre-built WordPress themes and plugins is easy, it provides less scope for creating a unique website.
That’s one of the reasons why businesses often choose to avail custom WordPress development services. However, availing of custom services each time may not seem feasible or affordable. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of custom WordPress development before you come to a decision.

Advantages of Availing Custom WordPress Solution

Improved performance

Unlike pre-built themes, customized themes include only those functionalities which you really need. It prevents you from adding any additional features that you might not need or ever need. Hence, your code remains optimized and the created site will perform faster and better.

Moreover, the available WordPress plugins contain several features and functionalities so that they can pique …
… the interest of a greater audience section. And there’s no way you can be certain if they have used quality codes or not. Instead of going through that hassle, you can ask your WordPress developer to include the features you need. They will add quality codes and needed features that will improve your site speed and performance.

Complete control

When you avail of custom WordPress development services, you have complete control over how you want your website to be. You can ask the developers or suggest to them exactly those development and design requirements that you need. Here, you won’t have to settle for something you didn’t ask for in the first place or compromise with the design. You can get your site designed and developed just the way you want. Nevertheless, you should avail WordPress development services from a professional agency as they have the right skill to help you with the job.

SEO compatible

When you use pre-built themes and plugins in your WordPress website, they might become a nuisance to you as they may not be SEO-friendly. This can affect your SEO strategy. But, with custom WordPress development, you can focus on creating codes that best adhere to the latest SEO practices.

Improved security

If the WordPress themes and plugins you use aren’t secure enough or the developer chooses not to upgrade it to meet the latest security standards, you could end up in a tough space. Instead of that, you can avail custom WordPress website development solutions and integrate better security practices into your site.

Disadvantages of Availing Custom WordPress Solution

Despite several advantages, there can be times and situations wherein choosing custom WordPress web design isn’t feasible at all. One should be wary of those situations and not make the mistake of availing custom WordPress services at that point in time.

Increased time of development

Since your all requirements are tailor-made into a website, it requires time to develop the WordPress website. The developers and designers have to ponder upon every requirement and strategize how they are going to develop. Therefore, the development time is usually more. Make sure you have that much time to spare if you are going to choose custom WordPress development. In case you need to create a website quickly, this isn’t best to choose custom development.

Increased development cost

When it comes to hiring a WordPress development company, you have to consider many factors and one of the essentials is budget. You can’t possibly go overboard with your budget and create a website that may or may not help you generate revenue. In case you are uncertain about your business strategy or have a shrunken budget, not choosing to develop custom WordPress websites is the best option.

Even so, if you have the budget and the time, creating a custom website can help provide your customers with an improved experience. Auxesis Infotech might assist you in this process because they excel in providing custom WordPress solutions. The company has seasoned and qualified WordPress professionals who can take care of your project best.

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Developing websites on WordPress might seem easy at first glance, but you will need assistance from professionals if you want to create a site with improved functionality. Then, you will need to customize WordPress themes and plugins or create them to add extra features and functionalities for your websites. Auxesis Infotech is a WordPress development company that can guide you through all these processes in a better and efficient way.


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